Too Close a Call

It’s me, with my first post in a while…

Okay, I was on an all nighter with our church youth group. We were having fun, playing man hunt, me getting bit by a huge dog (It hurt, but it’s not the good part of the story), watching a kid get hurt non stop, like running into a thorn bush, falling in a hole, hitting his head on a log, etc., and setting on top of a hill, with tall trees around us, in metal chairs, all during a lightning storm and tornado watch. Smart, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought. We were playing “Would you rather…” around 4:15 this morning and most of them revolved around “would you rather get struck by lightning or…” and “would you ranter get ripped up by a tornado or…” so this next part is kind of ironic, also considering that all the lightning wasn’t close to us except this one. We were playing and all of a sudden “Would you rather WWWAAAAAPPPPPOOOOOWWWWWCCCRRAACCKK!!!!!” A lightning strike shot down. It knocked all 10 of us down out of our chairs and onto the ground. We were in a bright light and all you could see was white. When it was done, I was disoriented and actually just started looking around confused. Our youth pastor yelled at us to get inside so we did. We were all shaking half to death. He went out to investigate and found that the lightning hit a tree that was probably 50 feet away at the most. I can be sure that God was watching out for us this morning. The tree had a big stripe right down the middle of it. It had charred bark all the way down it. That was the coolest and scariest moment in my life so far, the lightning strike.


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